Continuous Type Oilification Plant

Protecting the Global Environment with Japanese Technology!

Oilification plant : Capable of continuous operation

Waste tire and plastic oilification plant

(Processing capacity:10t/20t/40t)

Waste tire processing

  • Waste tires: Approximately 40-45% can be extracted
  • Waste tires do not need to be treated by extracting the beat wires
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 20% compared to the use of waste tires as fuel

Waste plastic processing

  • Waste plastic: About 80-90% can be extracted
  • Compatible with PE (Poly Ethylene), PP (Poly Propylene), and PS (Poly Styrene)
  • Able to process mixed, uncrushed, uncleaned, and colored waste plastics of the above three types
  • Acidic substances are rendered harmless by the neutralization process
  • Zero dioxin emissions


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