Water Treatment Equipment

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High functionality, safety, reliability, and mobility at a low cost!

Water tank for

Simple pollution / Complex pollution 

Water Treatment Equipment

■ High Functionality

High speed processing from analysis to separation
  Precipitate heavy pollutants in water within 20 seconds at the fastest and perform purification treatment in 25 minutes from surfacing to removal, and in 27 minutes at the longest.

  • Capable of treating seawater, oil-contaminated water, organically contaminated water, heavy metal contaminated water, etc., regardless of water quality.

■ High Safety

  • Fully automated purification and treatment of hazardous heavy metals and lead compounds without any contact.

■ High Reliability

  • Low failure rate and easy maintenance

■ High Mobility

  • Half a day from installation to operation for a mobile water tank

■ Low cost of implementation

  • About half the price of conventional processing equipment of the same scale.
  • Small size and large capacity for heavy contaminated water treatment
Machine dimensionsProcessing capacity
Min. size0.96m×1.16m×0.89m7.9~6.5m3 / 24h
Max. size11.9m×2.3m×2.47m1,924~1,538m3 / 24h


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