Hypochlorite Acid Water Generator

It was confirmed that “Hypochlorite Acid Water” with an effective chlorine concentration of 35 ppm or higher was effective in disinfecting the new coronavirus.

National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

For hygiene management in hospitals and elderly care facilities, kitchens, and food-related facilities!

For effective pesticide reduction cultivation!

Hypochlorite Acid Water Generator  HiTOP2

Product Specifications

Generation methodDifferential suction and 2 fluid mixing method
Chlorine Density30~200ppm
Density SettingFixed chemical method
Hydrogen Ion DensitypH6.0 ±1.0
Amount Generated10 ℓ / 分(600 ℓ / h)
Temp. Setting25~35℃(Water storage heating method
Discharge Pump pressure0.05MP
Use watertap water (0.08~0.7MP)
ConnectionIn R1/2 Out R1/2
Power InAC100V 50/60Hz
Power ConsumptionMax.:350W
WeightAbout 27 ㎏
Chemical supply systemChemical cassette bottle(3 ℓ)
A bottle => Sodium hypochlorite
B bottle => Dilute hydrochloric acid
Amount produced per bottle of chemical1,200 ℓ / 2h
Generating Capacity14,400 ℓ / day


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