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MicroBubble・NanoBubble Generators
The latest gas-liquid mixing equipment that produces industry-leading ultra-fine bubbles (57.3nm) 
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Micro/nanobubble technologies can be used safely and easily in a wide range of fields (agriculture, livestock, fisheries, industry, beauty care, medicine, and the environment)

Effects of microbubbles and nanobubbles

Vapor DissolutionThe vapor in the bubble can be dissolved into the liquid with high efficiency.
Physical SuckingContributes to floc formation by exerting a flocculating effect on substances and fine particles contained in the liquid.
CleaningThe energy released when the bubbles dissipate (mainly shock waves) has the effect of peeling off adhered substances.
Vapor EntrapmentThe long-term and stable presence of various gases such as hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen in the liquid can improve the function of the contained water and provide new effects.
Physiologic ActivityNB can easily penetrate through the roots and other parts of the plant and is expected to promote plant growth.
※ Floc formation: The aggregation of fine dust and debris in water into larger and heavier clumps of dust and debris.

Feature of MicroBubble・NanoBubble

MicroBubbleBubbles with a size of about 1-100 μm 
NanoBubbleBubbles less than 1 μm in size


  Nanobubble water drinking test in poultry and pig farming

Results of egg-laying hen drinking water test・Shortened egg laying by 2 weeks
・About 1.6 to 2 times higher yield
Results of drinking water test for fattening pigsShipping weight: 110 kg
Drinking water for pigs in the early stage of fattening
-Fattening days reduced by about 11 days
Drinking water for pigs in the late fattening period
-Daily weight gain increased by about 12.6%
-Fattening time is reduced by about 5 days.

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